TF – Day Two

We had another long day on the bus, leaving Nashville, Tenn. at 7:00 a.m. On bus two we watched Grown Ups, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Little Big League. We enjoyed lunch at Firehouse Subs and Chipotle, it was very filling.

We finally arrived in Gulf Shores, Alabama at the Mickey Miller Blackwell Stadium at 5 p.m. central time and got in a good workout. I joined Mrs. Edgar and Wolfe on a grocery trip to purchase food for breakfast and lunch tomorrow.



We had dinner at Kitty’s Kafe and enjoyed some great home-cooked country food. After some shopping we arrived at Phoenix VII in Orange Beach, Alabama with our gorgeous condos with a corner porch overlooking the gulf, pictures to come tomorrow.

Bus leaves at 9:45 a.m. tomorrow to go get another shake-out in as we gear up for the first day of events on Thursday.



Day Three (First Round)

Day three of the trip, Day one of the tournament.
Everyone got to sleep in today with the 12:30 start time for us. It was nice eating at 8:30am with a quiet food area. We hit up a Walmart for water and snacks, then the golf course to start warming up about 11:15. Perfect day–light wind(that changed) sunshine and about 84 degrees. I wanted to play!!!
Tina had the first tee shot for us and split the fairway at about 235. Hit her next shot to 35 feet and 4 putted for a double. Welcome the the pins at Wilderness Ridge. The greenskeeper had different size paces than the lady that marked the pins on a paper. Result was some really crappy pin placements. One girl for Victoria-BC had a 25 footer for birdie on a par 4 and made 9. Rachel had a 35 footer for birdie, a 10 footer for par, then an 8 foot putt for bogey. That putt rolled past the hole, then came back about a foot into the hole. We made 3 pars and 2 bogies on that hole and I think we gained on the field.
We were a tale of two nines. The back, our first nine, we shot 166 with Wiebke at 40, Tamina at 41, Courtney at 42 and Rachel at 43. Tina rounded out with a 45. The second nine we shot 152. I think the nerves were gone and they just played golf. Wiebke shot 35 for a 75, tamina 38 for a 79, Courtney 37 for a 79, and Rachel 42 for an 85. Tina stayed consistent with another 45 for a 90. 318 was our first day score, 1 under our average for the year. We are currently sitting in 11th place and I am very happy with the results for the team. Yes, we threw some shots away, but that happens every tournament. A good first day for Indiana Tech.
Not much on the humorous side today, just a good solid day of golf. They are a lot more relaxed for tomorrow, so that makes my job easier. 5:30 will come quickly, so its bedtime for the old coach and some sleep to get ready for day 2. I guess my humor for the day will be to turn on my Cubs before I go to sleep!!
Round two coming sometime tomorrow night
-Courtesy of Head Coach Kelly Mettert

WG | Practice round recap

Day 2 here in sunny(maybe) windy(very) and warm(for sure) Lincoln, Nebraska has been a lot more positive than day 1. No emergency room visits and no flights have made it a better day already.
Great breakfast at the hotel for everyone. I am not usually a breakfast eater, but this makes a good start to the day. We went to the course early to hit balls and work on the short game. Good idea!!! Greens are fast, hard, and will be interesting on long putts because of the slopes. If you miss the green, you will be Houdini if you get it up and down a lot. Thick rough around the greens and fairways make it important to hit it straight. Fortunately, most of them do. We only hit 2 houses today, no windows, so still a good tournament(oops, hasn’t started yet). The practice round went well in the winds(20-30 all day). Some birdies, some bogies, lots of pars, good practice out of the traps after we finished the hole. Not too many big numbers, so I was pleased with the results. If the winds blow tomorrow, then anything under 325 will be a decent score. We finished early enough the girls wanted to practice certain items they struggled with during the day. That last about an hour and back to the hotel to rest and get ready for the banquet. 
The banquet was great. Good food, great speaker that is my new hero. She was so funny that we were in tears with laughter.. Wiebke finished one yard out of fifth place in the long drive and four yards out of first place. After the banquet, we just finished walking around downtown Lincoln for about an hour.
Time to retire for the night and get ready for tomorrow. I think we are ready. I am!!!! Oh yeah, I have the easy job.
-as told by Kelly Mettert


Final thoughts on day one

The team had their final workout of the season at a local track and it was one of the better workouts of the season…I even got in on the fun, running with the men’s distance runners and Warriors assistant coach Josh Wolfe. We enjoyed running through downtown Nashville, Tenn. and along the campus of Vanderbilt University.

After practice, we all went to Santa Fe Cattle Company for dinner (see images) with options of Ribs, steak, chicken or fish. Everyone enjoyed their meal. It was a good time to relax and come together as a team.

Following the meal we headed back to the hotel for some R&R as we are set to hit the road at 7 a.m. (CST) again on Tuesday to make it to Gulf Shores, Ala. and get set to #DefendTheThrone!


The Drive Down to #DefendTheThrone

We got the day started at 7 a.m. packing both buses and heading south down I69. On bus number two we finished two-thirds of the Mighty Ducks Trilogy, getting us in the mood to become champions. We stopped in Louisville, Kentucky for lunch and the team split up between Jimmy John’s and Qdoba, with the majority choosing the latter.

After lunch we traveled an additional 40 minutes to the Hyatt Place Nashville/Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee. We will head to the track at 5:15 p.m. central time and then head to dinner and some team bonding before bed and another long bus ride tomorrow.

I’ll try and post again tonight, otherwise we’ll keep you up to date tomorrow.


This week the blog will contain updates on both the women’s golf NAIA National Championship and the men’s and women’s NAIA Outdoor Track & Field National Championships. 

The women’s golf blog will be courtesy of Indiana Tech Head Coach Kelly Mettert and the track and field updates will come from Warriors SID, Zach Shore.

The hope is that you will gain insight into what it takes to compete at such a high level and see what goes on behind the scenes.

For complete updates on all of the Warriors National Championships, be sure to follow @INTechWarriors, @INTechGolf and @INTechXCTF on twitter and check for complete recaps.

Race Day

Coach convinced the bus driver to keep the bus running the entire time we were at the course today. The weather was pretty frigid and windy. The 27 degree weather felt like 16, according to the weather channel. Not the most ideal of racing weather but there was nothing we could do but layer up.

It was a pretty even mix on both teams of feeling ok and simply not. Between the cold weather and the hills, the course definitely took its toll on some people.

I can’t really speak for the men’s team, but for the women’s race, the first mile is the easiest right from the start. The worst aspect was the wind. It’s mostly around the open field. After the one-mile, it gets prettier but there’s no time to really appreciate it. There are two covered bridges and a nice little pond, but there are hills. The first couple are somewhat manageable, but by the end, it’s pretty rough.

For me, the recovery after the steep up hills was the worst part. The last 400 meters of the finish are downhill and flat which makes for a stronger finish, but that only does so much.

Both team finished in the top 20 for the second time in program history, according to Coach Edgar’s tweet earlier.

Brenden’s dad took pictures during the race today. Those will be posted on the Tech XC Media Page, for those who want access to it. It is an open group for those who wish to join and/or contribute any photos.

According to the itinerary, our ETA back in Fort Wayne is 3am.

By Laura’s request, we are watching Elf…and Laura is sleeping. Oh well.